Rules of Extraction

Rules of Extraction is a web-based project by Joëlle Dubé and Maddy Capozzi that expands on the exhibition World of Matter: Exposing Resource Ecologies, presented at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery in 2015. World of Matter investigates the complex ecologies of primary materials through a series of exhibitions, events, publications and a multimedia platform.

Created in the Winter of 2021, their project builds on the exhibition’s approaches and issues through a methodology that ‘thinks with water’ and invokes Gayatri Spivak’s notion of planetarity to unpack the extraction and dispossession perpetuated by Canadian mining companies both at home and abroad, with a critical focus on the complex rules and norms upon which these extractions are built. These rules and norms reveal how various ways of relating to more than human worlds are enshrined in law and embodied in practice.

The second Expanding Exhibition residency was made possible through the generosity of Reesa Greenberg in partnership with Concordia University’s Departments of Art History and of Design and Computations Arts.

Capozzi, Madelyn. Dubé, Joëlle. “Rules of Extraction.” The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery. Montréal, Canada. (Digital) (September 2021).